Awards & Recognition

25 Years of Celebration
Jeeva Jyothi has been specifically and exclusively focusing its attention on Children, the Environment, and Research studies for recent years and in special concentrated more during the fiscal year 2019-20. In realizing its spheres of service and delivering the services to the target people Jeeva Jyothi relied on the four major sources namely its Board, Staff team, financial resources, and Programs/Network. This octave wheel of Jeeva Jyothi is interconnected and one supports and substantiates the other. The programmatic and interventional wheel turned on well and the impetus was good enough that Jeeva Jyothi had successfully served its people with conviction and complacency on the verge of the 25th year of social transformation.
Jeeva Jyothi honored personalities of different walks of life for their excellence and notable service at its 25th Year Celebration held at Ananda Illam Budur, Cholavaram.
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