Susai Raj .V was born in the year 1950 in Tamilnadu in very poor family. his childhood was not even had the privileges of being a vase to be filled and it would be sarcastic to think of his childhood. He did not have a peaceful and harmonious childhood or schooling. The worsening condition that He experienced obstructed his education and thus he was stopped from going to school As a Child his mind was filled with horror, fear and misery and sadness was his companion throughout his early childhood. In the year 1967, 30th of November he got empanelled in YCW. He felt as if he was born new and he felt so comfortable and tranquil being a member of YCW. He almost travelled to 25 countries he started his New YCW RT work in Hong Kong with other four members. After seven years of experience in abroad, he decided strongly to leave abroad and work in India. He decided that he will work for the children and so he joined in Nesakkaram in the year 1991 and he continued to work for children with his collated experiences abroad. His experienced through Nesakkaram paved him way to start up an organization for the children and the underprivileged. Hence with the support of his two friends He founded “Jeeva Jyothi” (The everlasting Light) in the year 1994.

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