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Vision and Mission/Core Values

Vision and Mission

  • To work for the total elimination of child labour in all forms and in all sectors.
  • To support the marginalized communities in their struggle to get organized.
  • To be a catalyst in protecting and promoting the rights of the children at all levels.
  • To support the secondary duty bearers in the protection and promotion of child rights.
  • To support the differently abled towards inclusive growth.
  • To gather the unorganized workers for their rights and dignity.
  • To develop sustainable social development intervention models.
  • To build alliance at the local, regional, national and international level for the better interest of the marginalized communities.

Core Values

  • All programmes and actions are secular.
  • Zero tolerance is maintained against Child Labour system.
  • Capacities of the children are encouraged to participate.
  • Child Protection is ensured through the policies.
  • Ensures Inclusiveness in all programmes.
  • Follows the Reduce, Recycle, Reuse model in all interventions to protect the environment.
  • Peoples Participation is enhanced at all levels of intervention.
  • Encourages volunteerism by utilizing the community resources.
  • Networks with relevant stakeholders.