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Empowerment of Unorganised Workers

Jeeva Jyothi works to restore the right to work to each person with an aim that no one should be denied the opportunity to earn a decent living through his or her own efforts. Though the Constitution of India does not guarantee the right to work as a fundamental right, through its actions, advocacy and lobbying, JJ works to ensure that the workers are given their due right to work, are given at least the minimum wages stipulated by the government, and that they eventually receive the true needs-based minimum wage.

People Development

People’s Development is the foundation for all community development activities. The Empowerment Line, an analytical framework determines the level of consumption required to fulfill eight basic needs-food, energy, housing, drinking water, sanitation, health care, education, and social security—at a level sufficient to achieve a decent standard of living rather than bare subsistence.

Awareness and Training Programmes

Ensuring people’s participation is an important element in the sustainability of community development. JJ has facilitated the formation and strengthening of CBO’s and DPO’s with increased collective strength for lobbying with the Government for accessing the basic facilities like Education, Health, Livelihood and Social Protection for the development of the deprived sections of community in order to lead a dignified life. Awareness and knowledge building on Health, Education and Livelihood sectors through community mobilization, grass root level participation and collaboration with Govt. & Panchayats, empowered the people on the State and Central Govt. Schemes for the development of poor in rural areas.

Linking people to Government Schemes

JJ plays a vital role in creating awareness and capacity building for the people to access the Government Schemes through various groups and committees formed at grassroot level. The support provided to them include:
  • Information generation about the schemes
  • Providing Guidance in applying for the Benefits
  • Getting the Government Documents
  • Utilizing the Right to Information tool appropriately
  • Follow up mechanisms for the access of benefits
Linking people to Government Schemes