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I Left with a profound encounter of the heart

“…I was greeted with the surprise of my life. I came away from India having been touched by some of the most gentle and thoughtful and serene people I have ever met. I came away with a new found calm and tranquility in my life that never tapped before. As I have told so many friends, India touched me and surprised me each and every day that I was there…”

The most cherished moments, however were with my good friend Cathy and Susai. While the full intention of my trip was to bring my volunteer and business skills to JeevaJyothi, it seemed that they spent as much effort making sure that my stay was comfortable and fun and enjoyable More so was the friendship they Showed me…”

“As I write this, I am saddened again as I recall my sadness upon leaving. I had come to India to have an intense experience of the mind, yet I Left with profound encounter of the heart…”

-Gadi Meir