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Successive Story

My story: Narrated by Children

My Name is Rajiv. When I was studying 1st standard, my dad died and at that time ,my mom was working as fruit seller in a shop. I have a sister who was staying in a hostel Madurai. She lost her eyes when she was Young . I had younger brother and it’s my responsibility to take care of him when my mother was out of work. Because I hadtook after him, I was not sent to school and I could not study. One day, when my mother came went to work , I made him to sleep and I went out to play. When my mother came back to home from work, She saw that my brother was crying and she beat me. I left house and ran away. After a while, I came back to my home. After some days , my mother was sick and she was admitted to hospital. She died after a week. During these seven days, I stay with my brother and did not know what happened . When I came out to buy milk for my brother , my neighbor’s told me, “Your mother is dead” I did not believe what they told me. Then I went to hospital and saw that my mother had indeed died. I cried a lot at that night . My sister didn’t know what had happened . My neighbours told doctor to donate my mother’s eye to my sister , but it was not done.