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Residental Care & Protection

JJ runs a Shelter Homes for boys called Ananda Illam started in 2000. The main objective of the shelter care activity is to provide a safe and healthy environment for children who are parentless or for those who are in difficult circumstances, deprived of their basic needs to education, nutritious food and parental care. Children in the streets and parentless children are deprived of their childhood and parental care. They need to be protected from abuse and insecurity. Their emotional needs have to be addressed. JJ team makes regular visits to public places, identifies the street children, creates a rapport with the children through interaction and activities like games, stories, songs, drawings, paintings etc. Through field visits to working areas also needy children are identified. Some children are admitted in JJ’s home and some are referred to various Government Institutions. Children are produced before the Child Welfare Committee before admitting them in the Shelter Home. The shelter home has all necessary facilities such as an extensive and equipped play area, kitchen with dining facilities, library and study space, garden, dormitories, quarters for wardens and cooks. Further, these children are well taken care of by a warden who is aware of child rights, able to understand their problems, can counsel them and provide motivation and care to lead a healthy life. Children in the Shelter home go to the nearby Government schools. They are also provided with extracurricular activities such as outdoor, indoor games, drawing, yoga and folk arts to give them an opportunity to express their talents and feelings. Regular counselling is also provided to the children keeping in mind the long-term development of the child. Till date 225 children have been -supported through this home. The Ananda Illam that fulfils the dreams of 25 children currently is served by a warden, a social worker, two security guards, two cooks, one gardener and a launderer.