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Child Labour

JJ’s efforts towards the prevention of child labour include:
  • Identifying the root causes which force families and communities to allow children to be engaged in labour
  • Addressing these issues by interacting with parents, community leaders and children’s groups where the importance of child rights and the ill effects of child labour are discussed
  • Empowering communities with the awareness and knowledge to demand for proper implementation of employment schemes, food security and access to all government provisions
  • In instances of child abuse, child trafficking and children forced into labour, JJ works on rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation of children through child protection networks under the Juvenile Justice Care & Protection Act and the Integrated Child Protection Scheme
  • JJ works to create and strengthen ‘Children’s Parliament/Mandimandram’. They are also instrumental in voicing their opinions.

Street Children

JJ’s efforts to support the street children include:
  • Residential support with education, health care and nutrition for boys
  • Rescuing Children through Childline
  • Awareness programmes for children through Children’s Parliament

Child Marriage

JJ’s efforts to minimize the incidences of child marriage include:
  • Capacity building sessions on child marriage and its ill effect on health & family
  • Meeting parents to discuss on delaying the marriage
  • Community sensitisation programmes on a regular basis
  • Capacity building of children’s parliament to ensure that they spread awareness to their peers and take a role in discouraging child marriage amongst them.
  • Focused discussions on preventing child marriage among the Women’s group members
  • Working with the Panchayats and other government officials like the Child Marriage Prohibition Officer to spread awareness regarding the issue and in prevention of child marriage


JJ’s efforts towards the prevention of malnutrition include:
  • Addressing the needs of the Pregnant mother through Anganwadis
  • Monitor proper immunisation procedure at the village level
  • Ensure wholesome nutrition is provided to the children below 5 years


JJ’s efforts in addressing the migration issue include:
  • Awareness about their Rights and information about the government schemes and access
  • Supporting them in getting Government documents
  • School Enrollment of migrant children


JJ’s efforts towards the addressing the Poverty issue include:
  • Implementing poverty alleviation and development programmes
  • Awareness on various public schemes for livelihood
  • Skill Development and Job Assistance/Placement


JJ’s efforts towards the addressing the Illiteracy issue include:
  • Identifying the out of school children
  • Conducting Enrollment campaign and enrolling the children
  • Enrollment the DCC children who complete age 5

Gender Inequality

JJ’s efforts to bring about a change in this situation include:
  • Education that helps create attitudinal shifts towards gender bias and activities to spread awareness
  • Continuous efforts towards breaking myths and stereotypes around gender
  • Providing legal training for adolescent girls and women
  • Skill development and Women empowerment programmes
  • Encouraging women in political participation
  • Encouraging community ownership in preventing violations based on gender discrimination