Child Right to Protection

Art 19, UNCRC entrusts the obligation of protecting the children from all forms of physical and mental violence on the states.

Jeeva Jyothi Anandha Illam (Shelter Home for Boys in need of care and protection)

Jeeva Jyothi Anandha Illam provides a safe shelter for children who need care and protection as enshrined in Art 20 of UNCRC

In the 1990s, we at Jeeva Jyothi discovered there were many children wandering around Chennai city without homes or support. These children are rendered homeless because of family problems (parental abuse, alcoholism, divorce, etc.), such children now and then turn to the streets where they become subject to abuse and victimization. Some end up suffering as child labourers while others are in danger of child trafficking, disease or other social ills.

In response to their needs, Jeeva Jyothi started a small shelter home for children who desperately need assistance to create better lives for themselves. This home was called "Ananda Illam" This home provides homeless and abandoned children with a home, health care, food, and schooling, where they can enjoy the safety and comfort of a caring family environment.

In 1991, 11 days before the inauguration of the Nessakaram NGO with which Mr. V. Susairaj, the director of Jeeva Jyothi was affiliated before starting Jeeva Jyothi, had to face his son's loss at the age of 15 who met with an accident that took his life. In the remembrance of his son, the shelter home was named as "Ananda Illam", and the Director considers all the children in the home as his own Children.

Jeeva Jyothi started construction of the shelter home for children in need in April 1999. Initially, the shelter home housed four street children in the Perambur section of Chennai. In the years 2001 and 2002 the number of street children living at "Ananda Illam" increased to 20 and then 30. After reaching 30 children, the shelter outgrew its original space, so it moved to Pudur, to a facility that can accommodate 45 children in all.

In the initial stage, some foreign individual donors provided resources for the children's development. Subsequently, the Government of TamilNadu State Welfare Board began to contribute an additional Rs. 1 per child, but this amount was not sufficient. Jeeva Jyothi turned to funding agencies and MISEREOR (Germany), SHRISHTI (an Indian trust) and CESVI (Italy) came forward to support.

The Ananda Illam that fulfills the dreams of 38 children currently is served by a warden, a social worker, two security guards, two cooks, one gardener and a launderer.

The Children in Ananda Illam are

  • Parentless children
  • The children of destitute widows
  • The children of separated parents
  • Children who come out from their families due to immoral activities and behavior of their parents
  • The children of migrant bonded labourers who need support to further their studies without being disturbed by the migration of the parents
  • Runaway Children, in need of care and protection, sometimes referred by child welfare committee.

All children in Ananda Illam are enrolled in formal school

In Ananda Illam, Children have opportunities for

  • recreational activities,
  • extracurricular activities
  • Exposure visits
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Learning arts, crafts and theatre,
  • Taking part in Competitions

Services for Missing Children

Family Reintegration and Residential Home based Rehabilitation forms core of services for children without families. Helping the missing children to reach back to their families is the foremost intervention in ensuring a safe environment for the child. In this intervention, Jeeva Jyothi partners with two different National Level interventions to help the child and family in reintegration.

Childline 1098

ChildLine 1098 is a national level toll free child helpline supported by the Ministry of women and child welfare government of India. This was implemented by Childline India Foundation, Mumbai at the national level. Jeeva Jyothi is the Local Implementing organization for Cholavaram, Minjur and Gummidipoondi blocks of Thiruvallur District in TamilNadu.

Jeeva Jyothi involved in raising awareness about the service among the children, auto drivers, schools, tea shops owners, PCO owners so that the children in need can be reached in time. Apart from raising awareness about the service Jeeva Jyothi involves in outreach services to identify children in need of care and protection through its field interventions. Children rescued through this services are produced before the Child Welfare Committee, Thiruvallur District and were provided with required services either for family reintegration or for child care services.

Home Link / Missing Child Search Network

Home Link / Missing Child Search Network are a National level database of missing children. Organizations working with children update the details of children missing and found in their respective field areas and are accessible to everyone searching their missing children and to reach the parents. Jeeva Jyothi enters details on missing children to this national database designed by the Young at Risk (YAR) forum.