Childs Right to Development

Education Programmes

Art 28, UNCRC Protection and Promotion of child's Right to Education is the priority of Jeeva Jyothi. It operates a variety of educational and supplementary programs to promote children's education.

Non-formal Education (NFE)

Non-formal education (NFE) is for children who do not attend school, a first step to get them interested and eventually enrolled in regular schools. Since 1995, around 5000 children have so far been given NFE. Of these, 75% have subsequently enrolled in schools.

NFE now is being implemented in Red Hills in Thiruvallur District. Children who have undergone pre-school formation in an NFE Centre can be directly admitted to the regular schools according to their age and capacity to learn.

With the implementation of Right to Education Act, where the child is enrolled to the school directly without any pre qualification or certification in the age appropriate classes, Jeeva Jyothi continues to engage the new entrants from the families of migrant labourers until they reach the formal schools so that the interest is sustained among the children, thus preventing drop out and subsequently child labour.

Supplementary Education

Supplementary Education centres cater to the needs of the children who need support to continue with their school education. Since the parents of these children are illiterate, the supplementary education centres play a greater role in sustaining children in the schools.

In the supplementary education centres, children are provided enabling space for learning and the adult facilitator supports them in understanding the school lessons. Apart from the support in Lessons, children were also taught on values and life skills during the week ends. Children from the Supplementary education are supported to join Jeeva Jyothi Children Mani Mandram and Children Development Khazana.

The two hour duration of the supplementary education is spread between 5. 00 pm to 8. 30 pm depending upon need of the students.

Support to Formal Education

Apart from the support through Day care centre, Non Formal education centre and the supplementary education centre, Jeeva Jyothi, extends its support to all children who are in need of support to continue their education. This was done in different ways

  • Supporting the children with required school stationeries
  • Supporting the children with sponsorship referrals
  • Supporting the children to get admission in schools and colleges