Community Based Rehabilitation

UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities ( UNCRPD)

There are 17 key rights for disabled people:

  • Right to be treated equally (Article 5)
  • Right to life, freedom and safety (Articles 10+14)
  • Right to be treated fairly. Right to decisions and have help to do this if you need to (Article 12)
  • Right not to be treated badly (Article 15)
  • Right to be protected from violence and abuse (Article 16)
  • Right to think for yourself and make decisions (Article 17)
  • Right to decide where to live. Right to travel (Article 18)
  • Right to live in the community (Article 19)
  • Right to express yourself (Article 21)
  • Respect for privacy (Article 22)
  • Respect for home and the family (Article 23)
  • Right to education (Article 24)
  • Right to health (Article 25)
  • Right to work (Article 27)
  • Right to have a good standard of living (Article 28)
  • Right to take part in politics and public life (Article 29)
  • Right to have a social life (Article 30)