Community Based Rehabilitation

The Community Based Rehabilitation Project

The project aims to work for Person with Disabilities (PWD's) towards their welfare and development in a twin approach model i.e. Rights and Rehabilitation. CBR believes and adapts the principles of UN Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the components of WHO and it advocates for the same principles and mission. The principles such as

  • respecting the Dignity,
  • Non discrimination,
  • effective and full participation,
  • respect for difference,
  • equality of opportunity, accessibility,
  • equality between men and women,
  • evolving capacities of children and
  • respecting the Rights of Children

are promoted by CBR and the programs of CBR is fully drenched in it. CBR as a strategy aims to work for the Empowerment and Inclusion of PWD’s in the society.     

The Project is implemented in Cholavaram Block, Tiruvallur District of TamilNadu towards “Promoting the Rights of PWD’s through Community Based Rehabilitation”.

The project will be operational for 9 long years and the beneficiaries will have a better support and guidance through the project towards the ultimate end “Inclusive Society and Inclusive Development”. At present, the project covers 12 Panchayats of Cholavaram block including 63 habitations.
JeevaJyothi extends its service to the 706 identified PWD’s through 5 staff exclusively working for the project and it works for Cross- Disability irrespective of age, caste, language, religion and gender.

The activities of the project enables PWD’s to avail the entitlements and schemes such as, Disability ID card, Certificate, Bus Concession, Railway Concession, Pension, Job reservation, Housing and so on. As a special and focused activity it enables all PWD’s to become members of DPO (Disable People Organization), locally called “Sangam” towards organizing them as collective groups to advocate for their rights.    


Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project is supported by CBRF, Bangalore which is funded by Caritas India.