Organisational Structure


  • To work for total elimination of child labour in all forms and in all sectors
  • To support the marginalised communities in their struggle to get organised.
  • To be a catalyst in protecting and promoting the rights of the children at all levels
  • To support the secondary duty bearers in protection and promotion of child rights.
  • To support the differently abled towards an inclusive growth.   
  • To gather the unorganised workers for their rights and dignity.
  • To develop sustainable social development intervention models to work with the marginalised communities.
  • To build alliance at the local, regional, national and international level communities and organisations in the better interest of the marginalised communities.

Our Core Values

  • We maintain zero tolerance against Child Labour system. We will not tolerate justification of child labour system at any point of time and whatever be the situation.Sustainable environment
  • Jeeva Jyothi believes in the capacities of the children to participate. Jeeva Jyothi while working for developing platforms for children will strive to open up space for children within the organisation.
  • Child Protection will be ensured at all levels of Jeeva Jyothi's intervention. Specific policies on child protection developed by us will be adhered to at all times by everyone in the organisation.
  • Inclusive growth of the disabled helps the community to develop as a whole. Hence wherever possible, Jeeva Jyothi will stand for inclusive development of the differently abled.
  • We will strictly follow the Reduce, Recycle, Reuse model in all our interventions and institutions to protect the nature and the environment
  • Peoples Participation will be enhanced at all levels of our intervention – from planning till monitoring.
  • Will work towards enriching the volunteerism in the organisation by reducing the paid staff in order to ensure sustainability and strengthening of community resources.
  • The initiatives will remain completely secular and independent of the religions of the founder, trustees and staff of the organisation. 
  • The organisation will network at different levels to think Globally and Act Locally and Vice Versa where in the organisation commits to interdependency on people on each others 
  • The Priority will be for the Vulnerable – women, children, minority, disabled in all our interventions, initiatives and programmes