Jeeva Jyothi, while working in the field for the protection and promotion of rights of the children at the micro level, networks with other organizations at different level to work for macro level interventions.

Jeeva Jyothi is partnering with following networks in working towards Advocacy and Lobbying for the rights of the Children, Women and Unorganized Labourers

Joint Secretary

  • National Centre for Labour, Bangalore.

National Committee Member

  • Nature Human Centric Peoples Movement

Convener – Task Force for Advocacy

  • Forum for Promotion of Child Participation (FPCP) – TamilNadu and Pudhucherry
  • Federation of Children Movements for Right to Participation (FCMRP) – TamilNadu and Pudhucherry

Core Committee Member

  • State Convener and State Secretariat for TNCRO


  • Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL )TamilNadu
  • TamilNadu Forum for Child Care Services (TN FORCES)
  • Campaign Against Child Trafficking (CACT)
  • Collective Action for Disability Rights – Tiruvallur
  • Voluntary Associations Network of India – VANI
  • TamilNadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA)
  • Samakalvikana Makkal Kootamaippu (SMK)
  • District level Advisory Board for the Prevention of Trafficking of Women and Children, Thiruvallur District.
  • Tamil Nadu Forum for Abolition of Bonded Labour System
  • Confederation of Indian Organisation for Service and Advocacy (CIOSA)
  • Child Workers in Asia (CWA)
  • Child Rights Protection Forum - Thiruvallur District.
  • National Alliance Grass Root NGO's
  • CBR Forum, Bangalore